High pressures gives a higher degree of separation of the liquid and solid phases.


  • The Metso tube press is fully automatic which will yield big savings in manpower costs
  • The tube press saves energy, lowers environmental impact and makes your process productive
  • High availability
  • Adaptive to process
  • Easy expand


  • Driest possible cake solids
  • Maximum volume reduction
  • Exceptionally clear filtrate
  • Cake wash
  • Air drying

Process overview

Metso's tube press is a fully automatic membrane type cylinder press, water hydraulically operated at pressures up to 100 bar according to the model. This equipment is designed to filter extremely fine particle slurries, producing a filter cake of very low moisture content in comparison with other forms of commercially available mechanical dewatering equipment.

“Traditional” mechanical dewatering often leaves the cake too wet or too sticky to handle effectively and usually demands further treatment such as thermal drying.
The Tube Press, because of its unique design, will automatically and economically dewater most slurries to produce a clear filtrate and, without any form of thermal drying, a hard, surface dry cake that is convenient to handle as a product for immediate storage or for disposal.

Principle of operation

Filtration takes place between two concentric cylinders. The outer cylinder is the casing, and the inner, is the candle. The process slurry is pumped into the annular space between the filter media and the bladder.
Hydraulic fluid, usually water, is then pumped between the bladder and the casing pressuring the slurry and causing filtration to take place.
When filtration is complete, the hydraulic fluid is withdrawn until the bladder is dilated against the casing. The candle is then lowered into the discharge position and a pulse of air is injected between the candle and the filter media. This causes the filter cloth to expand, and fracturing the cake which is discharged under gravity.
When complete, the candle is lifted into the slurry fill position to repeat the cycle. Air purge and/or cake wash can be incorporated into the cycle. At the completion of the filtration cycle, air or wash fluid is optionally pumped between the cake and the bladder which is then forced through the cake by a further application of hydraulic pressure to be incorporated into the cycle.

Best where:

  • the process requires very low cake moisture eg. smelters
  • cake handleability is critical e.g. underground slimes
  • filtrate is a valued product
  • cake transport costs are significant
  • cake is to be disposed of to landfill
SC500 1,2m/75
75 Litre Tube chamber volume. Filter area m²: 1,35 Max. pressure 100 Bar  
SC500 1,5 m/100
100 Litre Tube chamber volume Filter area m²: 1,73 Max. pressure 100 Bar  
SC500 3m/200      
200 Litre Tube chamber volume Filter area m²: 3,45 Max. pressure 100 Bar  
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