Metso Tube  press is the Industry’s unique ultra-fine dewatering technology for versatile applications

Tube press

Ultra-fine dewatering for versatile applications

As particles get finer, more energy has to be introduced to separate solids and liquids. Designed to be used in demanding dewatering applications with ultra-fine, compressible, materials, Metso Tube Press technology is proven to produce drip-free cakes from concentrate with less energy .

High capacity

Up to 100 bar filtration pressure

Energy efficiency

Low installed power

Superior performance

Operate on fine materials

<5 micron

Ease of maintenance

Few moving parts

Metso Tube Press - Industry's unique ultra-fine dewatering technology for versatile applications

The tube press is a membrane type filter press designed in cylindrical format and capable of operating at high filtration pressures up to 100 bar. The use of these high pressures enables a higher degree of separation of the liquid and solid phases.

Superior performance

Porosity and cake moisture contents are significantly lower than those obtained with low pressure filters. Consequently, filtrate recovery is high.

Filtration is conducted at a pressure level where the cake is produced as a hard surface dry, lump solid. Available data indicates that Tube Press output rates, in terms of dry solids per unit filter area, are much higher than either vacuum or plate filter presses. Filtrate solids concentrations are generally close to zero, allowing immediate disposal or direct recovery.


Fully automatic

Conventional filtration processes require continuous supervision and maintenance. The Metso Tube Press is fully automatic, thus, yielding big savings in the labor costs.

Variable chamber

The optimum filter cake thickness can be selected to suit operational requirements.

Service support

Our after sales service provides you with fully detailed operating and maintenance instructions, training, professional start-up services and technical assistance.

The tube press is is suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Where the process requires very low cake moisture e.g. smelters
  • Where cake handle ability is critical e.g. underground slimes
  • Where energy consumption is significant (alternative to thermal drying)
  • Where filtrate is a valued product
  • Where cake transport costs are significant
  • Where the product consists of superfine particles, difficult to dewater
  • Where cake is to be disposed of to a landfill
  • Where the protection of environmental conditions is important

Metso has the tesing capabilities that are one of a kind in the industry. At our testing laboratory, properties of a sample can be tested and evaluated on:

  • particle size distribution
  • viscosity, pH & settling
  • Effect of pressure (vacuum – high pressure) flocculants, temperature and filtering aids

With Metso piston press the filtration characteristics under high pressure can be evaluated. Our experienced technicians provide report, plus a small filter cake and filtrate sample to the customer for inspection. We can also provide Tube Press rental units for in plant testing.

With the pilot unit, process simulations can be run for all operating parameters which can be used in a full-size plant including air-purge (pressing air through the cake) cake washing and cloth testing. The unit is equipped with sensors to allow for all necessary measurement of the filtration conditions, which will be the base for plant scale-up.

Metso tube press booster
Tube press booster range

The Booster range of Tube Press is generic for a new compact dewatering system. The Booster is an individual drive system closely coupled with the Tube Press.

The Booster range includes three sizes of installations to suit the requirements of small to medium scale installations, laboratory, and pilot scale installations.

The installation is very compact combining one motor to generate the mechanical dewatering press force. The unique system incorporates fully optimized control of the complete process, including feed back and statistical analysis of each press cycle.

Learn more about the tube press booster range in our brochure below!

Metso tube press - Technical specifcations

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