Compact design and easy to install for small scale applications in mineral, chemical and pharmaceutical industries


  • Booster drive unit
  • Low cake moisture
  • Excellent liquid/solid separation
  • Fully optimized control
  • Useful quality production information and data exchange
  • Closed media circuit
  • Fully automated


  • The Tube Press Booster has a compact design and is easy to install
  • Easy to expand
  • Few moving parts
  • Increased efficiency by on line process control
  • Environmental advantage by high grade of recovery
  • Maximum energy exchange
  • Low installed power
  • Maintenance friendly

Process overview

The tube press is a fully automated variable chamber, filter press designed in a cylindrical format and capable of operating at high filtration pressures up to 100 bar.
The use of these high pressures enables a higher degree of separation of the liquid and solid phases. The tube press is typically suitable for applications:

The booster range of tube presses are generic for new compact dewatering system. The booster range includes three sizes of installations to suit the requirements
of small to medium scale installations, laboratory and pilot scale installations.

Laboratory and pilot testwork

Pilot test work and features
The tube press test unit SC 500-12/75 is a stationary fully automated pilot plant used to evaluate filtration characteristics of a specific slurry at Metso’s laboratories. The test plant is installed indoor in an area where wet and dry material can be handled under full control. The pilot set up is a complete unit including tube, hydraulic booster, feed pumps, air compressor, hydraulic unit, control cabinet, filtrate tank and measuring equipment, etc.

The pilot unit includes all equipment to perform smaller scale tests as well as a piston press. The unit is equipped with sensors to allow for all necessary measurement of the filtration conditions, which will be the base for plant scale-up.

Result and test report
From the result of the test we will provide a detailed report, documenting test conditions, result, analyzes and other relevant information. We can supply cake as well as filtrate sample from performed testwork.

Example of typical applications:

Best in applications where :

  • Environmental protection conditions are important
  • Energy consumption is significant i.e. thermal drying is used for the separation
  • Fine particles difficult to dewater products
  • Process requires very low cake moisture
  • Cake handling ability is critical
  • Filtrate is a valued product
  • Cake transport costs are significant
  • Cake is to be disposed i.e. landfills
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