Highly reliable integrated discrete valve controller offers the ultimate in value with full range of capabilities and features


  • Epoxy coated anodized aluminum enclosure with Polycarbonate cover
  • Universal voltage solenoid and switching
  • Convenient push button switch setting
  • Robust solenoid valve with standard rebreather
  • Optional wireless access for configuration and diagnostics
  • Space efficient design



  • Robust enclosure tolerates most process environments
  • Quick and convenient set-up with push button switch setting
  • Universal voltage reduces inventory and enables easy standardization
  • Magnetic drive eliminates wear bushings and offers ultra-high reliability
  • Rebreather system minimizes corrosive ingestion for single-acting actuators
  • Bluetooth wireless access versions enable convenient trouble-shooting to anticipate problems,  increasing plant uptime and reducing maintenance costs
  • Compact design minimizes valve-actuator assembly dimensional envelope

Control and monitor an automated on/off valve in all process areas

The Axiom monitors and reports valve position with Visual indicator and signals to the controller.  The Axiom AN has integral single or dual coil solenoid valves to control position of the actuated valve. 

AN35: Universal voltage switching and solenoid
Communication options: AS-Interface and DeviceNet 
Temperature range: up to -40 °C … +80 °C
Material: Epoxy coated anodized aluminum
Flow Capacity: 0.8Cv
Hazardous area approvals: Class I Div 2
Axiom AN technical materials, English Download
Installation, maintenance and operating instructions Download
Mounting kit selector Download
Link to valve related software Download

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