Neles® NDX valve controller - Performance perfected

Savings. Safety. Reliability.

Metso's Neles® NDX valve controller provides a solution for all valve brands in a wide range of applications regardless of customer or industry. The product delivers all the robustness and reliability you’d expect from a valve controller by Metso. At the same time it is extremely easy to install and use.



Simple installation to eliminate human error
High reliability with proven technology and extensive testing
Elimination of external mounting linkages

Operational savings

Elimination of additional instrumentation
Cost savings with stock management
Supply air savings
Efficiency and cost reductions in valve maintenance


Intuitive, easy and fast installation
Easy commissioning with touch screen or remotely
Easy product selection
Easy diagnostics with recommended actions


  • Optimized performance
  • Superior diagnostics and data storage capabilities
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Easy interpretation of diagnostics data
  • For rotary and linear valves
  • Single and double acting versions
  • Low air consumption
  • Reliable and robust design
  • Device self diagnostics
  • On-line, performance and communication diagnostics
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion proof
  • SIL 2 capable
The NDX valve controller - accurate, reliable, safe and easy to install and use



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