Neles® top entry rotary ball valve, series T5

Problem solver in demanding control applications

Metso's Neles® T5 series top entry rotary ball valves are designed to meet the requirements of chemical, petrochemical and refining industries. Valves equipped with unique trunnion mounted Stemball®, and capability to use Metso Q-trim® technology anti-cavitation and noise attenuation trims, makes the valve series suitable in wide range of demanding heavy duty control applications including anti surge and blow down services.


Easy to maintain construction due to top entry design, even for weld ends

Increased gas noise attenuation with Metso Q2-trim as option

Optional attenuation plates integted in-body for easy installation

Low emissions according to ISO 15848


  • Robust, heavy duty trunnion bearings
  • Unique Stemball® construction, no backlash on stem to ball connection
  • Face to face according to IEC 534-3 and ANSI/ISA S75.03
  • Top entry design, capable for easy weld end connections
  • Application based seat selection options, metal-to-metal and soft seats
  • Metso Q-trim® technology for control applications, anti-cavitation and noise reduction
  • Latest Metso Q2-trim option available for gas applications
  • Low emissions according to ISO 15848
  • Fire safe certified according to API 607
  • High Cv, including noise attenuations trims, which are designs self-flushing


  • Crude oil
  • Hot residual oil
  • LPG, LNG, Natural gas
  • Hydrocarbon vapors
  • High pressure industrial gases
  • Blow down service
  • Geothermal water and steam



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