Increased plant efficiency


  • LW wafer type, LG lug type
  • Tripple offset, 2 piece shaft design.
  • One piece, full metal sealing without any resilient parts in pipeline
  • High, long lasting tightness.
  • Unique, industry best disc valve control behavior with patented S-disc feature – possible to mount even on existing valve units
  • Modular design minimizes the spare part inventory – same spares can be used in multiple Neles Neldisc designs
  • Minimized actuator torque. Smaller actuator and lower piping stress
  • BAM certified construction for gaseous oxygen as an option


  • Minimized pressure loss and energy costs of the process
  • Consistent performance even in the most difficult, changing process conditions
  • In-built thermal  and pressure compensation.  
  • Industry best valve capacity.
  • Extened rangeability to 90 degrees control applications
  • Optimized spare part inventory
  • Suitable to dirty and abrasive services
  • Shortest possible maintenance hours
Series LW & LG
Design Wafer or lug
Size range DN 80 - 600 / 3" - 24"
Pressure classes ASME 150 - 300
PN 10 - 40
Temperature range -200 °C … +600 °C / -330 °F…+1110 °F
Technical bulletin Download
Installation, maintenance and operation manual Download

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