Control valves

Optimize your process performance and reliability with Metso control valves

Over 50 years of experience in demanding valve applications

A variety of linear and rotary valve solutions for noise, cavitation, flashing and erosive conditions


The right control valve makes all the difference

Control valves are the most important part of any process control loop. Nothing influences the stability of your process like they do. They are critical to the overall performance of your process — especially when reliability and productivity are your primary goals. They are the key to profitable uptime.

But finding the best control valve solution for your process isn’t always easy. There are many things to consider: Process and fluid dynamics. Metallurgy. Sealing technology. Noise and emissions control. Piping and vessel design. Diagnostics. Standards and certifications.

Ultimately, the right control valve is one that is engineered, manufactured, tested and optimized for your specific application. One that is trouble-free. And, of course, worry-free.

This is what Metso flow control solutions offer.


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