The best control accuracy and wide range of application


  • Wide variety of trim options and  wide material selection for different application including general and severe process.
  • Contoured plug, special multi drilled and multi staged trim are designed for high pressure drop of both compressible and uncompressible fluid as it enables the flow velocity.
  • Quick change trim and top entry construction
  • Low emission according to ISO 15848



  • Easy in-line maintenance and valve assembly and self guiding
  • Low cost of ownership and minimized maintenance need
  • Stable process and noise control
  • One piece body to minimize the leak paths and make the valve insensitive to pipe stress
Series GU, GB, GM, GD, GW
Design Linear globe valve
Size range DN 25 - 500 / 1" - 20"
Pressure classes ANSI 150 – 4500
Temperature range -198 °C … +593 °C
Technical bulletin Download
Installation, maintenance and operation manual Download

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