Neles® MC V-port segment valves, series R2

Accurate and reliable control of medium consistency pulp

Metso has created a specially designed Series R2 segment valves for 8-19 % medium consistency applications. The valve provides an optimized flow path for medium consistency pulp. The flow path is continuously increased to eliminate restrictions where material may build up. The outlet flange is one size bigger than the inlet to ensure this. V-contoured flow path enables to control small capacities without risk of dewatering.


Light weight - easy to handle and mount

Excellent control performance for high capacity and wide rangeability applications

Continuously increased flow path material build up

Excellent reliability with low maintenance cost


  • Integral body construction
  • Rugged, self-adjusting metal seat
  • Protected bearings
  • Economical
  • Materials for dioxide bleaching stages
  • Versatile mounting orientations.



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