Reliable shut off & isolation


Metso's Pump Technologies also offers a selection of slurry valves that complement our Slurry Hose Systems. Our Metso Dart and Knife Gate valves provides total operational reliability for abrasive slurries.

  • Gland box packing and machined support
  • Easy maneuvering and low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance through gate guidance via stable top works
  • Unique seat design and seat material for high performance and low LCC


  • Expansion areas reduce stress and allow the seats to be axially flexible
  • Solid top works and robust gland box system for 100% reliability
  • Reinforced seats guarantee shape and position in the bore during operation improving the stability and performance
  • Integrated expansion areas provide low operating force and minimize the stress on the seats
  • No flow restriction fully open

Slurry Valves

Knife Gate Valve

The Metso Knife Gate Valve is designed and equipped to handle tough and abrasive shut off applications involving slurries, powders or granular substances.

  • One piece casting body
  • Stainless steel gate
  • Robust gland box packing system 

Dart Valve

The Metso Dart Valve design prevents leakage and has an inside diameter matching the complete slurry hose system. Our dart valves are used for shut-off applications inside sump tanks with vertical outlets.

  • SBR wear-resistant inner and outer liner
Knife gate valve installation & service manual Download
Knife gate valve maintenance manual Download
Knife gate valve technical data sheet Download
Dart valve technical data sheet Download

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