Key benefits


Easy maintenance
Intelligent design ensures stability

On our single-shaft machines, there is easy access to the shaft from both sides. The two-shaft machines separate in the middle with hydraulics, allowing easy access for cleaning and servicing of knives and shafts. The ingenious design provides the
shortest possible downtime and ensures that the machine can be serviced safely
and ergonomically correct. Proper maintenance is critical for stable operation,
fewer breakdowns, higher capacity and, in the end, better earnings on the bot-
tom line.

Output quality
Homogeneous output quality without downtime

Our machines produce output of under Ø 30 mm – even all the way down to Ø 10 mm. This gives you an exceptionally flexible machine that can be adapted to the market trend towards smaller grain sizes. Thanks to our unique cutting technology, you get a high and homogeneous output quality, without fine particles, that can be sold at a higher price. High quality is also ensured through minimal heat generation during shredding, which means the end product absorbs minimal moisture during storage and transport.

Protection system
Built-in protection ensures fewer and less serious damage

Our thoroughly tested hydraulic drive delivers resonance-free power and minimal energy use. And in case of an accident, our automatic protection system provides immediate protection to minimize damage to the rest of the machine. In just 2 seconds, the machine stops if the system registers that there is foreign material in the
machine, such as iron. In short, you get minimal wear in daily production and superb protection system that is always looking after your machine


Our range of FineShredders has been developed to serve the needs in the recycling industry and work with either a pusher or two shaft self-feeding systems.

The different solutions share certain key benefits like:
• Homogeneous output from 10-100 mm
• Minimal fine particles
• Minimal dust emissions
• No heat generation
• Easy maintenance

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