Features and benefits


Knives and knife holders are easy to fasten and change. The new design feature which
allows the two shafts to be moved away from each other has greatly improved access
to the shafts and the cutting tables.
The service hatch on the outside of the two one-shafted machines provides easy access
to service the shaft or change the knives.

Ease of maintenance ensures minimal down time.



Our range of FineShredders has been developed to serve the needs in the recycling industry and work with either a pusher or two shaft self-feeding systems. The 3 different solutions share certain key benefits like:
• Homogeneous output from 10-100 mm
• Minimal fine particles
• Minimal dust emissions
• No heat generation
• Easy maintenance

Drive and screen

The hydraulic system consists of a variable pump with power control, an integrated
feed pump and a hydraulic motor mounted on each shaft. This “state of the art” double
hydrostatic system provides maximum output and the most reliable performance available.

The precise cutting of material minimizes the strain on the screens which can be
made from very thin materials typically, 6 mm plates. The absence of pressure on the
screen means the open area can be optimized to ensure a high output rate. Granules
can be discharged using screw or belt conveyors.

The multi-edged shaft is fitted with a patented knife system and is fed by a pusher. The sensitivity of the pusher ensures that material is not forced onto the shaft and a minimum of heat isgenerated.

The hydraulic drive of the shaft guarantees impact resistant and resonance-free power transmission. The system ensures minimum wear and energy consumption– and produces
RDF material of the highest standard.

Nunber of shafts pc. 1      
Shaft length  mm 1336      
Shaft diameter mm 665      
Electrical motors kW 1x200      
Shaft speed rpm 100-280      
Number of knives on shaft pc. 72      
Weight ton 14.0      
Capacity ton pr hour          
Output size 10 mm 20 mm 30 mm 50 mm 80 mm
RDF 2.0 5.0 8.0 9.0 12.0
M&J FineShred 1550 and 3550 single shaft with pusher (UK) Download
M&J FineShred 1550 and 3550 single shaft with pusher (DE) Download
M&J FineShred 1550 and 3550 single shaft with pusher (FR) Download
M&J FineShred Download
Main leaflet FineShredder series (DE) Download
Main leaflet FineShredder series (FR) Download

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