M&J PreShred units are normally the first step in treating mixed and difficult wastes. This means they are often directly exposed to all the impurities and unwelcome surprises in the incoming waste stream. M&J shredders often have to deal with extremely tough operating conditions. Even the sturdiest units therefore have to be maintained and serviced properly to make sure they perform at maximum efficiency and to keep expensive downtime to a minimum. To achieve this, we offer our customers an exceptionally strong service concept with a rapid response service program

Service throughout the shredder lifetime
When you invest in a new generation of shredding equipment, it’s important to bring your new systems into operation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Metso Waste Recycling service technicians are available anywhere in the world to help you get your new M&J Shredder installed and commissioned effectively, and train your staff to operate it well.

24/7 service and support
When using a M&J Shredder as part of your operations, you need to be able to rely on it – completely. That’s why we focus considerable resources on providing you with the
best possible service and support.

To help protect your operations from the effects of any unscheduled downtime, we
maintain a permanent inventory of the most critical spare and wear parts, all exceptional quality and guaranteed.

Help in tackling changing needs
Your business and your operations will – inevitably – develop and change over time,
and both inputs and customer requirements alter. To help you tackle these changing
requirements, we provide a range of specialist services.

We offer replacements and upgrades as for PreShredders:
• Cutting table replacement. Replace the complete unit with the latest technology.
• Cutting table refurbishment, so you can maintain maximum efficiency.
• Shredder upgrades – modular designs make it easy to achieve greater output
and greater efficiency.

Service agreements
To make it easy for you, we provide three distinct kinds of standardized service agree-
ments for M&J PreShred, choose one and get a significantly better return on investment.

Preventive action pays off

You don’t have to sign up for a Metso Recycling service agreement when you
purchase an M&J PreShred. But the benefits are considerable.
• Lower life cycle costs of your shredding equipment
• Avoid disruptive downtime and lost revenue
• Keep your energy costs to a minimum
• Benefit from all the latest shredder technology updates and improvements

Read more about our different contracts here

What do customers say!

Read some cases from our customers - and learn more about how our solutions perform in the long run and what you can do to make the unit perform even better or meet changing needs!

Exhange of cutting table

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