OLD Valves for tank car industry

The volume of traffic on the rails globally has grown rapidly in recent years. High profile accidents have prompted regulatory agencies to create new standards, adding uncertainty to a period of rapid growth. Now more than ever, the industry needs a valve supplier with a history of safety, reliability and product availability

Safety, compliance and availability

Tank car manufacturers and retrofitters are ramping up to meet growing customer demand. As the scale of these operations continue to grow, it becomes increasingly hard to find suppliers that have the production and inventory ability to keep pace.

The regulatory environment for tank car valves is challenging and sometimes vague. There are often multiple agencies separately exerting influence on standards for both the manufacture and end-product of valves. Compliance is time consuming and expensive for valve manufacturers, but offers considerable risk reduction.

Tank car valves are safety-critical and essential to the prevention of environmental contamination, which can carry harsh fines from regulators. Sticky, frozen or seized valves will slow down the loading and unloading processes causing process slowdowns further downstream. While valves need to operate reliably, they are also expected to go long periods between scheduled maintenance and must endure considerable environmental stresses. Reliability is both essential and difficult to achieve.

50 years of excellence in the tank car industry

Metso has been the market leader in the transportation industry for over 50 years, supplying proven valves and assemblies to tank car manufacturers and retrofitters all over the world. We’re your total capabilities supplier who will match your engineering specifications while complying with relevant regulations.

Metso brings comprehensive R&D with advanced design capabilities to every tank car valve, delivering industry leading safety and reliability. Only Metso offers proven innovations such as our Double-Seal® ball valve, engineered to prevent through-leakage; Xtreme® advanced sealing technology for excellent bi-direction shutoff; and Tri-Seal live-loaded patented stem seal design that incorporates 3 zones of contact between the valve stem and the seal. In addition to product innovation, Metso guarantees performance by vetting foundries with a 57-point annual inspection and testing 100% of our finished products before they leave our doors.

With over 400,000-square-feet of manufacturing capacity, Metso has the ability to deliver enough valves to satisfy the entire forecasted industry demand. We have the infrastructure and diverse global supply chain to be your reliable partner. In fact, Metso has sold over 1,000,000 tank car valves and we manufacture an average of 1,586 tank car valves every week, with plenty of growth capacity to meet expanding demand. 

High-performance products

Metso is uniquely capable of delivering safe, reliable valves in quantities the industry demands. Our technical support staff will ensure you get the right product for your needs. If one does not exist, our custom engineered products team will develop a solution for you. Then, we back it all up with logistical excellence and inventory planning that guarantee your production keeps moving.

  • Industry-leading safety and reliability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Product availability and inventory logistics
  • Broad product line from top to bottom

Comprehensive solutions for your long-term success

Discover how Metso’s experience and innovation in the tank car industry can help you to meet product demand while producing end-products with the highest standard of safety and reliability.