Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher

Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher

Maximizing performance with cost efficiency

Metso Nordberg® HP900 cone crushers are an upgrade to our HP800 unit. The HP900 comes with new kinematics, a compact design and automation system that ensures an increase in performance while also reducing CAPEX.


Quick installation

Reduce installation time and costs by 50%

Cost efficient

Robust components and compact design

Maximum performance

15% capacity increase and large clearing stroke


Ease of maintenance

2 hour liner replacement

Nordberg® HP900 - A forward step in performance and cost efficiency

The Nordberg® HP Series has over 10,000 installations worldwide in a range of aggregate and mining applications. This equipment is well known as a market leader and continues to improve that point even further.

The Metso's Nordberg® HP900 comes with a new kinematic design and raised pivot points, but still shares about 80% of the same components are previous HP models. So we understand that this is new technology, but comes from a strong legacy in cone crushing so you can expect results.

Quick installation

The Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher is simple to integrate and install into any greenfield or brownfield plant. The drive system is pre-assembled and does not require any on-site construction. It also comes pre-wired with our integrated automation system, which minimizes adjustments and set-up usually needed before commissioning the crusher.

All HP900 cone crushers are factory tested before arriving on site, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Cost efficient

Because of the HP900 cone crusher being pre-assembled, pre-wired and factory tested before arriving to the site, installation costs and time are reduced by 50%. The compact design provides a reduced plant footprint meaning your production will come from a smaller foundational requirement. Getting more from less.

Our components are built robust. Specifically our thick liners are increasing component lifetime by up to 75%. 

Maximum performance

The HP900 cone crusher with the new kinematics and raised pivot point resulting in a 35% higher stroke than the HP800. This also leads to an increased capacity of 15% and a 35% higher crushing force.

Also, the HP900 cone crusher comes with a 360 feeding area. This combined with the higher stroke reduces bridging and allows for better top size acceptance. All resulting in maximizing performance. 

Ease of maintenance

The Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher provides top service access for all major components including the head, shaft, eccentric and more. Additionally, Metso wear parts can be replaced in just 2 hours compared to 8 hours with other similar cone crushers.

For more questions related to the Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher, please contact your local Metso representative using the contact forms below.


Built for optimized performance

The Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher combines optimal performance and cost efficiency to provide maximum productivity.

Check out the video to see and learn more about the Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher.

Система автоматизации дробилки Metso IC™
Система автоматизации дробилки Metso IC™

Система автоматизации Metso IC70C™ улучшает работу вашей конусной дробилки Nordberg® HP и позволяет повысить производительность более чем на 10%.

Система автоматизации Metso IC70C™ позволяет контролировать техническое обслуживание, изменение настроек, проверку прибыльности производства и извлечение данных. При этом возможно легко выполнять любые операции непосредственно рядом с дробилкой или дистанционно из пункта управления.

Metso IC70C™ позволяет контролировать подачу материала питания, автоматически изменять настройки в зависимости от загрузки или износа футеровки, а также выбирать крупность конечного продукта в соответствии с требованиями к производству крупного или мелкого нерудного материала.

How has Metso helped our customers increase performance and reduce CAPEX?

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