Life Cycle Services for Aggregates

Life Cycle Services for Aggregates

Customizable service packages delivering performance outcomes

Stationary and mobile plants have many moving parts. You need to connect the dots to meet operational goals, but this can prove to be complex. Rather than looking at each part individually, why not consider a complete solution? Metso is here to support you with pre-packaged and custom programs.

Why choose Metso as a partner?

Equipment engineering and design knowledge coupled with extensive field experience 

Service footprint
Over 1500 field technicians providing rapid global response time

Over 350 Life Cycle Services contracts delivering results globally

Designing and delivering customized performance-based solutions with strict KPIs

Why consider Life Cycle Services for aggregates

What is LCS for aggregates

Metso Life Cycle Services takes our entire after-market portfolio and conveniently bundles them into customizable, easily manageable packages. Depending on the scale of your needs, our packages are flexible and equipped to cover a single-event or to span multiple years, measured against strict KPIs.

Whether acting as a supplement to your team, or managing all aspects of your maintenance and operations, LCS packages are designed to help you meet your goals.

How it works

Metso has been offering innovative LCS solutions for over 10 years, and no one solution has looked the same. We collaborate closely and design a program that works for you. This can focus on a specific goal or developing a partnership based on continuous improvement and optimization.

For added simplicity, we've categorized LCS into progressive packages, each building on one another, yet still personalized to your needs. Additionally, each package is backed by flexible commercial models including leasing and rental options, monthly payments, cost-per-ton, or payment deferrals.

Four standard aggregate packages, customizable to your needs
 LCS Equipment Protection Services
LCS Equipment Protection Services

It's all about peace of mind.

Equipment Protection Services gives you confidence in your cost structure by anticipating and minimizing unexpected equipment failures. Along with extended warranties that cover repairs or replacements on key parts, this plan also includes comprehensive inspections and other services to keep your equipment running smoothly at all stages of operation.

Protection starts with prevention. 

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LCS Equipment Support Service
LCS Equipment Support Service

It’s all about protecting your assets.

Metso’s Equipment Support Service ensures you have specialized equipment expertise at your fingertips.This programs combines schedules equipment inspections, extended warranties, wear and spare parts supply with guaranteed lead times, as well as remote monitoring and reporting through Metrics Services.

Prevent unplanned downtime.

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LCS Maintenance Service
LCS Maintenance Service

It’s all about cost-efficient reliability.

An LCS Maintenance Service program means you get support in developing your equipment maintenance strategy with an engineered and structured approach, based on your specific site conditions. Additionally, Metso includes critical maintenance activities, such as consignment inventory and labour for wear component replacement.

Plan the maintenance and execute the plan.

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LCS Maintenance & Optimization
LCS Maintenance & Optimization

It’s all about sustainable performance.

An LCS Maintenance and Optimization solution combines your operations knowledge with equipment and process expertise from a trustworthy partner, maximizing your high-quality end product and minimizing the resources needed to reach your goals.This program includes access to simulation tools, crusher profiling services and liner wear rate optimization.

Improve your process, leaving no stone unturned.

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See how it all comes together. Get to know LCS
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