Maintenance and repairs for aggregates equipment

Maintenance and repairs for aggregates equipment

Trust those who know the equipment best

As equipment ages, production efficiency and reliability can decline. However, proper maintenance and repairs can reduce the signs of aging to ensure that your production goals are met. Metso is here to support you, from one-time fixes to full turnkey projects.

Why choose Metso for maintenance and repairs?

Service footprint

Over 1500 field technicians providing rapid global response time

OEM quality

Strict standards and tolerances for guaranteed safety and reliability

End-to-end solutions 

From standard inspections to custom maintenance programs and beyond


Delivering results through local experts supported by a global knowledge base and network

Inspections and diagnostics
Inspections and diagnostics

Get ahead of problems before they start. More effective management comes from better information. Our diagnostic services help with maintenance planning, issue identification and analysis as well as determining areas of improvement.

Mechanical and electrical inspection: Experts carry out thorough inspections to determine the operating condition of your machines
Equipment audit: Existing equipment configurations are reviewed to determine potential upgrades and modifications for improved performance
Inventory assessment: In-depth review of historical maintenance records and current operations to achieve optimal parts inventory
Shutdown support: From planning to execution to improvement, Metso can help ensure fast and safe shutdowns

Repairs and refurbishments when you need them

Planned Repairs

Metso offers a full range of repair services, from reconstructing surfaces to full rebuilds of large components. Skilled technicians with specialized tools are available at our repair centers or at your site. All repairs are handled end-to-end, guaranteeing safe execution and the correct parts.

  • We can provide a combination of on-and-off-site services to speed up large repair projects or plant shutdowns
  • All repair work is backed by our regional warranty policies
  • Exchange programs are available for certain parts or assemblies ensuring minimal downtime while repairs are in progress

Emergency services

When an unexpected failure occurs, Metso can help you restore production quickly. We identify the root cause, fix the problem and restore production as fast as possible. Once we have fixed the problem, we will identify long-term solutions to prevent issues from reoccurring.

  • With approximately 40 global service centers, a quick response is guaranteed
  • Field services and engineers are always on call to get you up and running when an issue occurs
  • Services span all equipment types and brands
Maintenance tools for aggregates
Maintenance tools for aggregates

A truly industry-leading maintenance strategy is comprehensive. It focuses on your specific priorities, bringing together safety, planning, documentation, inventory, staffing and reporting requirements. In addition to the latest planning technology, Metso staffs reliability engineers who are dedicated to creating custom solutions.

Some of our services include:

  • Criticality analysis to prioritize issues
  • Failure analysis using FRACAS and other tools
  • Custom maintenance software, Metso's CMMS
  • Monitoring through Metso Metrics

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Many brands, all Metso

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