Rotable Top Shell for primary gyratory crusher

Rotable Top Shell

Faster and safer primary gyratory shutdowns

Every minute your primary gyratory is shut down, your bottom line is impacted. Relining a crusher can be a lengthy and complex process, which must be closely managed. Metso Rotable Top Shell enables you to save both time and money - when it matters most.

Delivering immediate results:

Shorter shutdowns
Reduce downtime by up to 45%

Improved safety
Minimize high risk maintenance work


Added flexibility
Optimized shutdown tasks

Maximize crusher availability

Reduce your crusher downtime by up to 45% with Metso’s rotable top shell. A simple solution with major impact - using additional shell segment(s), which are already inspected and lined prior to your shutdown, makes for faster, safer, and more economical wear parts replacement.

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Less downtime: When it is time to replace the concaves, the shell is already serviced and inspected

Efficiency: Reduced maintenance hours can be reallocated to other tasks during the shutdown

Safer process: Reduced risk as more tasks are done in a controlled environment

Predictable costs: Shutdown costs are known prior, making it easier to plan and manage budgets

Flexibility: Relining and top shell maintenance is done outside the critical path, allowing you to schedule it when it fits with your workload

Off-site: Work can be done at a Metso facility so you can focus on other task

Superior MKiii primary gyratory crusher and top shell segments
How it works

The process is safe, simple, and speedy:

  1. Complete top shells are relined
    In advance of a shutdown, the rotable top shells are relined within a safe and controlled environment

  2. Complete top shells are removed
    During the shutdown, installed shells are unfastened and simply split via hydraulic shell separators before being lifted

  3. Complete top shells are installed
    Rotable shells with installed concaves are quickly installed, minimizing labor hours and risk hazards to crews
Whether old or new, we can help bring your Superior gyratory to the next level.
Create your very own mix and match upgrades to suit your unique goals and desired investment levels.
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A complete solution

Metso has many options to further enhance your relines and shutdowns, including: OEM liners, installation support, shutdown labor, and custom Life Cycle Services.

We also offer flexible financial and costing programs, including fixed monthly fee payments, cost per ton payment plans, and payment deferral plans.

The Rotable Top Shell is just one of numerous options available to increase production, reliability, and maintenance efficiency of your primary gyratory. Mix and match to achieve your unique goals. See all your options here >


Primary gyratory shutdown for maintenance
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