Minimize maintenance downtime with in-situ tire and roller resurfacing


Wear on the surface of rotary kiln tires and rollers can cause problems in kiln operation and may ultimately lead to component failure and premature shutdown. Alignment is also a key factor in extending the lifetime of equipment and optimizing maintenance costs. 

Metso’s resurfacing of rotary kiln tires and rollers can restore equipment to its original condition, reducing risks and helping in the achievement of stable operations. Our professional team has been performing tire and roller resurfacing for decades in the cement industry, as well as other diverse industry segments around the globe.

We are also pleased to offer expanded capabilities in burner and combustion system refurbishments, retrofits, and upgrades. a new division at Metso, KFS brings over 20 years of delivering results for customers through superior combustion system design and processes. In addition to a range of sophisticated burner products, Metso KFS is built of a team of experts who provide a comprehensive range of engineering services. Together, we can provide end-to-end solutions for your full combustion system.


Metso has a proven track record of solving rotary kiln issues and extending the life of kiln components on all makes and models, saving the cost of replacement and associated lost production. With in-situ resurfacing, tires and rollers are effectively recycled instead of replaced. Combined with Metso’s hot kiln alignment, resurfacing of tires and rollers can significantly reduce unplanned stoppages - keeping your fires burning.

You benefit with:

  • Improved kiln availability
  • High equipment reliability
  • Quality repairs
  • No breaks in production

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