Eco-efficient mining research project

With the increased cost of energy, limited water resources, impact of global warming, and more stringent environmental restrictions, the mining industry needs to move to eco-efficient resource utilization.

Improving the resource efficiency of mining operations

The mining industry is facing a number of challenges when considering how to manage growth and profitability over the next decade. Some of the main issues are:

  • High grade and easily accessible mineral deposits are rapidly being depleted; new deposits are low grade and more difficult to extract
  • Increasing cost of energy and supply issues
  • Tighter environmental restrictions and green taxes
  • Water scarcity

To grow and remain profitable, mines need to improve their resource efficiency – to create more value with less impact, and as a result, provide a better economic return. To do this requires access to experts who understand emerging production techniques, can optimize resource and energy utilization, and are able to help build a long-term plan to cope with changing market conditions.


A resource and eco-efficient mining process

Our focus is on improving resource efficiency – creating more value with less impact. We can help you implement an eco-efficient mining solution by incorporating some or all of the following alternatives:

  • Process integration and optimization to maximize the profitability of the overall operation
  • High intensity selective blasting (HISB) to improve fragmentation and reduce the energy used downstream
  • In-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) to move material more efficiently
  • Pre-concentration using screening and/or bulk ore sorting to discard barren material, reducing haulage and downstream processing requirements
  • Energy efficient comminution circuits and technologies to reduce energy and increase capacity
  • Coarse particle flotation to reduce the energy consumed in the previous grinding stages
  • Filtration and dry stacking of tailings to reduce water consumption, reclamation and closure costs

Making use of existing and emerging technologies, we can help you develop a mining and processing flowsheet for your mine that is significantly more eco-efficient compared with current industry practice. We can help you evaluate options, and if required, adapt or modify technologies and practices for your particular goals and mine. All mining and mineral processing unit operations are considered in a fully integrated manner to establish the optimum flowsheet for the overall operation. 

Lower environmental impact and a more sustainable business

Our solution helps improve overall efficiency and asset utilization, resulting in increased production, lower overall costs per ton and reduced environmental impact.

Mining processes need to be more efficient to meet environmental targets and to remain economically feasible. Improving resource efficiency increases the economic return and determines project viability.


Less energy consumption


Less greenhouse gas emissions


Less water consumption


Smaller tailings footprint

Understand how our eco-efficient mining solution can help you

Our team of highly motivated and specialized engineers – mining, metallurgical, chemical and software/electrical – have a strong research background and extensive mining and metallurgical plant production and consulting experience. We look forward to assisting you in achieving a step change in the profitability of your operation.

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