Eliminate unforeseen failures and improve maintenance planning


More effective management comes from better information. Metso offers a range of maintenance services from basic equipment inspections, process audits, inventory recommendations and condition monitoring. We can also propose recommendations for shutdowns, maintenance, maintainability, upgrades and process adjustments. 

  • Mechanical & electrical inspection
  • Equipment audit
  • Inventory optimization
  • Online condition monitoring


We carry out thorough inspections of equipment to accurately determine the operating condition. These inspections typically look for potential hidden failures such as stress cracking and abnormal wear, leaks, excessive consumption, excessive vibrations, abnormal temperature and noise. We also carry out non-destructive testing of critical components. After the inspection, we provide a detailed report highlighting any issues found, the needed actions to be taken and maintenance recommendations. 

Small adaptions and adjustments to equipment can have large results by dramatically improving process performance. With our equipment audit service, we review your existing equipment configuration and make recommendations on how the equipment can be upgraded or modified in order to better you’re your process goals and performance potential.

Through our expert examination of your facilities, historical maintenance records and operating conditions, we can assist you by calculating the optimum parts inventory. Our aim is to help you minimize your parts inventory while ensuring that all the critical spare parts are at hand, so your target availability level can be achieved. 

We continuously monitor the condition of your critical devices and components, alert you to potential failures and recommended corrective actions. In eliminating unplanned shutdowns or potentially catastrophic failures, production losses and maintenance costs can be minimized.

With Metso Diagnostic Services you get:

  • Increased uptime - by leveraging Metso’s global best practices, precise planning, preparation and execution
  • Improved safety - implementation of engineered solutions to eliminate safety risks
  • Reduced maintenance - Metso’s global commitment to eliminate rework and unplanned downtime
  • Wear part optimization and replacement forecasting

Many brands, one supplier

We also provide diagnostic services to previously sold OEM brands
  • Svedala
  • Barmac
  • Nordberg
  • Omnicone
  • Orion
  • Thomas
  • Dominion
  • PECO
  • NICO
  • Marcy
  • Sala
  • Seco
  • NEI
  • Tyler
  • Allis Chalmers

Get more from your equipment and make maintenance more effective 

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