Life Cycle Services

Finding people and partners with the right skills and knowledge that are aligned to your business goals can be challenging. Metso's Life Cycle Services can help you by supplementing your current team or taking complete responsibility for key activities and offering a commercial model aligned to your business goals.

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Finding people and partners committed to your goals

Every business has a multitude of goals that contribute to its profitability, such as minimized downtime, improved maintenance efficiency, improved process efficiency, and lower parts costs, as well as capital efficiency, such as reduced capital expenditure, reducing inventory, and leasing.

Typically a number of challenges prevent a business from reaching these goals:

  • Access to labor – finding, training and retaining sufficiently skilled labor
  • Equipment knowledge – how to get most out of equipment, operational best practices, experience from similar mines and configurations
  • Third-party business alignment – do suppliers share the same objectives, who takes overall responsibility when things go wrong?
  • Cost variability – transaction-based supply makes business planning even more challenging
  • Net working capital – high inventory and capital costs, expensive tools to execute maintenance

Metso Life Cycle Services – your goals are our goals

Metso's Life Cycle Services (LCS) solution is designed to assist you meet your business goals. We can support you on a specific activity or over a larger scope of your mining process. Our solution is built on an established safety culture as we believe that a well-run company is also a safe company. We will recruit, train and manage a skilled team to execute the different solution components.

At the heart of delivering great performance is knowledge. We use in-depth equipment knowledge leveraged from our OEM expertise, systems designed for knowledge transfer, work practices optimized over hundreds of cycles and experience from similar sites to extract value. Finally, we look to align our goals with your goals. We do this by taking responsibility for an area or process so that we can take clear ownership of delivering a quality service and align our payments with achieving your targets. We can also offer commercial models that target predictable payments to help you better plan your finances.

Using this combination of people, knowledge and commercial model, we look to help you meet your business objectives by carrying out one or more of the following:

  • Streamlined startup – avoid investment in specialized tooling and accelerate startup by leveraging Metso's knowledge of equipment and similar startups
  • Wear parts optimization – optimize the lifetime of wear parts and their process efficiency
  • Efficient shutdown management – detailed task planning and effective organization to optimize critical path tasks
  • Effective day-to-day maintenance – focused activities and tested maintenance procedures to improve quality and efficiency
  • Inventory management – through effective management of inventory, we can lower costs, reduce tied-up capital and ensure that parts are available when needed

Improve plant availability and reliability while reducing costs

Our solution delivers a number of significant benefits:

  • Significantly lower planned downtime and unplanned maintenance
  • Rigorous procedure-based maintenance
  • Trained and experienced personnel
  • Peak maintenance labor managed
  • Lower parts consumption and reduced inventory costs

Metso Life Cycle Services brings real results

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