Secure your asset’s value and performance


In the field, anything can happen. And when you're managing a fleet of mobile crushing equipment often spread out in remote areas or even around the world, maintaining optimal performance for each unit can prove challenging. With new equipment, the likelihood of unexpected failures is low and any required corrective work is likely covered under warranty. Beyond the standard warranty period however, equipment may fail if unsuitable parts are used or equipment is not maintained in an optimal way. 

Protection starts with prevention 

  • Thorough field inspections with certified Metso technicians every 1,000 operating hours 
  • Full-service reports on your equipment's condition
  • Technicians identify preventive and/or correction actions and provide recommendations 
  • Extended protection plan of 5 years or 10,000 hours for designated major components 
  • Mobile equipment condition and performance monitoring with Metso Metrics Services that allows you to: 
    • Securely access your data 24/7 from anywhere through our cloud based platform for remote monitoring 
    • Stay connected to your fleet through geolocation 
    • Make decisions based on the right data- with dashboards on utilization rates, production and energy consumption
    • Stay ahead of the curve with your maintenance activities with built in maintenance plan and logbook
    • Improve safety and use best practices- receive time stamped alarms and parameter change notifications
    • Quickly generate easy to read reports you need in PDF or Excel 
    • Access optional Metso and partners expertise- to help with troubleshooting or interpreting your fleet's data 


Equipment Protection Services (EPS) gives you confidence in your cost structure by anticipating and minimizing unexpected equipment failures. Along with extended warranties that cover repairs or replacements on key designated parts that need to be replaced, this plan also includes comprehensive inspections and other services to keep your equipment running smoothly at all stages of operations. 

Equipment Protection Services is built on three core elements:

  1. Extended warranty to 10,000 hours or 5 years for specified major components on designated equipment 
  2. Scheduled inspections with Metso-trained and certified technicians, coupled with parts recommendations
  3. Maintenance planning and reporting for mobile equipment through our cloud-based solution, Metso Metrics Services

Secure your most valuable asset's  

By focusing on preventive maintenance, with the use of 100% OEM parts as needed, an EPS plan helps you proactively manage and reduce the risk of machine failure throughout the warranty extension period. The added logging capabilities of Metso Metrics Services also helps you track critical service events, so you can plan ahead and further reduce risks and downtime. EPS plans help you secure the value of your assets. 

Predictable costs, fewer surprises 

Our extended warranty covers the shipping and repair or replacement costs of major components, minimizing unforeseen spikes in parts or services charges. 

Critical data on your equipment at your fingertips 

Metso Metrics Services is a digital solution that brings you critical insights into your fleet's performance from anywhere in the world. Key management tools help you identify both underperforming assets and training opportunities for continuous improvement. This allows you to take appropriate actions to improve operational efficiency and helps you to get the most out of your operations. 

Products that can be covered by EPS

HP, GP, C, B VSI, and NP horizontal impact crushers LT and ST track-mounted plants TK, PF, VF, HRBM, and VG feeders
Equipment Protection Services Brochure (English) Download
Metso Metrics Services (4Mb - English) Download

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