Ensuring you specialized equipment expertise


An LCS Equipment Support Service solution means you get Metso and its network of partner experts performing thorough scheduled inspections, and planning both your parts inventory and delivery. This gives your equipment the monitoring and protection it needs.

Backed by commercial terms and payment plans that work for you, our program gives you:

1. Scheduled equipment inspections with Metso-trained and certified technicians, plus parts and maintenance recommendations
2. Equipment Protection Plan (EPP), providing you an extended warranty on applicable equipment
3. Wear and spare parts supply, with guaranteed lead times and delivery plans
4. Metso Metrics Services


Core benefit: Lower financial risks associated with unexpected equipment downtime.

You can rest easier knowing that Metso experts, in collaboration with our network of partners, will put an equipment inspection plan in place that works for you. We aim to keep your machines at the top of their games to avoid having them spiral into financial burdens:

 • Improved reliability: Our expertise, equipment and Metso genuine parts reduce your risk for unexpected shutdowns or product quality issues. Metso certified inspectors use standardized criteria to ensure the level of quality your customers expect from your operation.

 • Lower cost of parts: Regular inspections, combined with an EPP, give you greater control by limiting costs if things go wrong, spotting service issues early and covering the repair or the replacement costs of selected main components.

 • Optimized cash flow: With our partners, we can help spread out the cost of your equipment and help you align with your revenue to give you positive cash flows and a quick payback on your asset investments.


Provide a digital maintenance log book to easily monitor your machines and warn of upcoming service events

• Create detailed inspection reports identifying equipment condition

• Recommend maintenance actions and strategies that need to be taken, such as extending or reducing maintenance intervals

• Plan and assist on future interventions

• Plan inventory levels for key wear and spare parts

• Guarantee delivery times for designated key components

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