Helping you achieve a consistent supply of high quality aggregate


An LCS Maintenance and Optimization solution combines your operations knowledge with equipment and process expertise from a trustworthy partner, maximizing your high-quality end product and minimizing the resources needed to reach your goals.

Backed by commercial terms and payment plans that work for you, our program gives you:

1) Scheduled equipment inspections and EPP
2) Metso Metrics Services
3) Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and maintenance planning
4) Wear and spare parts supply and guaranteed lead times
5) Metso Maintenance Solution, a customized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
6) Wear and spare component replacement labour and consignment inventory
7) Liner wear rate and crusher optimization
8) Key performance indicator monitoring


Core benefit: Optimized production and end product quality Higher quality aggregates mean higher profitability for your operations. The key to getting there is by optimizing your crushing and process workflows to ensure quality aggregate is being produced. Metso’s experts, along with its network partners, can help you optimize the size and shape of your end product to ensure the success of your production plan.

• Improved resource efficiency: Our approach is three-fold. We optimize your process to reduce unwanted product produced through excessive crushing, configure your crusher to minimize power spikes and save on energy consumption, and—with the world facing a global shortage of trained equipment operators— use our trainers and experts to bridge the gap with customized training programs, maximizing your crew’s effectiveness.

• Lowest sustainable cost: Our customized maintenance management solution, combined with effective inventory
planning, can help you decrease capital costs and avoid downtime caused by unexpected equipment failure.

• Optimized cash flow: Working with our partners, we help spread out the cost of your equipment and help you align costs with your revenues, so you can count on positive cash flows and a quick payback on your asset investments.

Analyze equipment on-site over several days and provide data benchmarked with work from thousands of global sites.

• Examine production flow from crushers, screens and conveyors for improvement areas

• Provide recommendations for optimizing wear parts, feed rates, conveyor setup and
screen performance to ensure major production and quality gains

• Implement chamber optimization with our specialists to take your crusher to the next level

• Control parameter optimization, ensuring that your crusher process is optimized for your goals

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