Ensuring your maintenance strategy lines up with your performance targets


An LCS Maintenance Service program means you get support in developing your equipment maintenance strategy with an engineered and structured approach, based on your specific site conditions.

Backed by commercial terms and payment plans that work for you, our program gives you:

1. Scheduled equipment inspections, plus parts and maintenance recommendations
2. Equipment Protection Plan (EPP), providing an extended warranty on applicable equipment
3. Consignment inventory of critical wear and spare parts
4. Wear and Spare parts supply, with guaranteed lead times and delivery plans
5. Metso Metrics Services
6. Maintenance planning and preventative maintenance
7. Wear component replacement labour


Core benefit: Improved reliability and production performance New elements of the Maintenance Service program focus on keeping your equipment running at their highest levels, so production costs are minimized and you reach your target product quality. The reliability of your equipment is in good hands.

• Lowest sustainable cost: High equipment reliability doesn’t always mean high costs. By measuring and continuously refining key performance indicators, we work with you to lower your maintenance costs by cutting out unnecessary steps and without  compromising integrity.

• Higher production efficiency: Consignment inventory of wears and spares, as well as our Metso team taking care of time-consuming events like wear part changes, allows you to focus on your production priorities.

• Optimized cash flow: With our partners, we can help spread out the cost of your equipment and help you align costs with your revenue to give you positive cash flows and a quick payback on your asset investments.

What we do: Plan the maintenance and execute the plan

• Develop a maintenance strategy plan for your equipment detailing all tasks, schedules, safety requirements, permits, labour, parts and tools

• Set up remote monitoring and reporting with the Metso Metrics Services tool to catch problems early, such as excessive fuel consumption or low oil levels

• Provide a digital maintenance log book to easily monitor your machines

• Schedule inspections by Metso-trained and certified technicians

• Conduct preventive maintenance on critical equipment at predetermined intervals

• Change out wear parts for your crushers and screens using customized tools, ensuring optimal configuration and setup

• Maintain consignment inventory levels for key wear and spare parts, ensuring availability

LCS for Aggregates Program 2- Maintenance Service Download

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