Because your goals are our goals

Whether acting as a supplement to your team, or managing all aspects of your maintenance, LCS packages are designed to help you meet your goals by addressing six core elements: Not compromising on safety, improving reliability, improving availability, increasing production efficiency, lowering financial risk and lowering sustained costs.

No matter how basic or how complex your needs, our services run the entire spectrum, everything from basic equipment check-ups to refining every last detail of your production process.

Metso's four LCS for Mining packages are Scheduled Inspections, Shutdown and Wear Parts Optimization, Shutdown and Process Optimization and Maintenance and Process Optimization.

As a manufacturer of comminution equipment, replacement parts and wear parts, and—most importantly—as a provider of services, only Metso offers you a single package covering the build, operation and maintenance of mining equipment. Each LCS package is backed by commercial terms and services aligned to your needs. Our people, knowledge and solutions, coupled with experience gained through thousands of global shutdowns, ensure you only the best results. This is our guarantee to you.

Availability, reliability, throughput. It's all about peace of mind.

Whether acting as supplement to your team, or managing all aspects of your maintenance plan, LCS programs are designed to help you meet your goals.

  • Zero compromise on safety
  • Improved reliability to ensure equipment runs like it should
  • Maximized availability
  • Improved production efficiency and higher throughput
  • Lower financial risk
  • Lowest sustainable cost

Choosing LCS means choosing global expertise, a world class distribution network, certified technicians and high quality genuine wear and spare parts.

  • Less unplanned downtime
  • More efficient resource management
  • Optimal production rates
  • Performance measurement through key performance indicators
  • Payment solutions including monthly payments, cost per ton and payment deferral options
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