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An LCS Maintenance and Process Optimization package means you get one supplier helping you not only get the most out of your shutdowns, but also supporting you in the development and efficient delivery of a comprehensive Maintenance Strategy.

An industry-best maintenance strategy brings together all the necessary safety, planning, documentation, inventory, staffing and reporting requirements, focusing on your greatest areas of need to give you reliability and the maximum return on your investment. We provide you with maintenance expertise from hundreds of Metso-supervised sites worldwide, our OEM knowledge and access to our globally benchmarked maintenance data.

Maintenance and Process Optimization is package Level 4 in the Life Cycle Services for Mining portfolio and includes all elements of our Scheduled Inspections, Shutdown and Wear Parts Optimization and Shutdown and Process Optimization packages.  All of this is backed by commercial terms and payment plans that work for you.


By implementing cost-effective Maintenance Strategies, baselined on hundreds of Metso-supervised sites, you can be sure your equipment’s reliability is in good hands. New elements of the Maintenance and Process Optimization package focus on keeping your equipment running at their highest levels.

• Zero compromise on safety: Our utmost priority, plain and simple. By keeping maintenance documentation in one place, and with better planning and access to Metso custom-designed tools, safety risks can be minimized.

• Lowest sustainable cost: High equipment reliability does not always equal higher costs. We work with you by measuring and continuously refining KPIs to lower your cost of maintenance. With our OEM knowledge of crushing and grinding equipment, we’ll help you cut out unnecessary maintenance steps.

• Higher availability and optimal production rates: You receive all of the benefits from  LCS -liner optimization, shutdown planning, custom-designed tools, specially trained crews, follow-up work, etc. Everything to ensure fewer outages, faster shutdowns and optimized production levels.

LCS for Mining Maintenance and Process Optimization Level 4 Brochure Download

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