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An LCS Shutdown and Process Optimization solution means you get one supplier not only planning and executing your shutdown events, but also providing process support to ensure any mechanical change to your process has a positive impact on your production levels.

We take a holistic approach, combining your operations knowledge with our equipment and process expertise to open up new ways of maximizing your mine’s productivity.

All this is backed by commercial terms and payment plans that work for you. Shutdown and Process Optimization package Level 3 gives you:
1. Scheduled inspections
2. Shutdown planning, execution and follow-up
3. Wear parts analysis, design, supply and inventory
4. Process analysis and optimization


Each element of this package aims to help you maximize your productivity, efficiency and improve the quality of the final product. We want to optimize how your equipment and controls interact with your process using our proven expertise, and figure out how to make production improvements based on ore characteristics at your mine or plant.
Higher uptime and more effective comminution, through the optimization of wear parts, ensures you will hit your production targets day in and day out, while minimizing your cost per ton of ore produced.

You’ll also get:

• Zero compromise on safety: Our utmost priority, plain and simple. Documented time-and-motion studies of your shutdowns help pinpoint potential hazards, while better planning and access to Metso-designed tools reduce safety risks for onsite staff.
• More efficient resource management: Optimizing the production process lets you minimize the specific energy consumption per ton of ore produced. With equipment settings and wear parts optimized, you can better reach your energy reduction goals. This helps you improve your resource recovery process by minimizing the energy required to get ore from waste product.
• Improved availability: Our shutdown optimization (planning, custom-designed tools, specially trained shutdown crews and follow-up) works to guarantee you faster shutdown events. Optimizing the life of your mill liners also means you’ll change your wear parts less often, minimizing planned outages.

LCS for Mining Shutdown and Process Optimization Level 3 Brochure Download

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