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An LCS Shutdown and Wear Parts Optimization solution means you get one supplier performing all components of a shutdown from start to finish. With this package, we take responsibility for reducing your downtime due to shutdowns over the life of the contract. We also look to improve your efficiency by optimizing your wear parts for longevity and their highest production capacity.

When you sign on, we’ll give you everything you need, backed by commercial terms and payment plans that work for you. Shutdown and Wear Parts Optimization package Level 2 gives you:

1. Scheduled inspections
2. Wear parts design, supply and optimization
3. Shutdown planning, execution and follow-up
4. Wear and spare parts inventory


Core benefit: Maximized availability and less downtime

By optimizing the life of your liners, you’ll change wear parts less often, minimize planned downtime and optimize production. Along with our planning, custom-designed tools, specially trained shutdown crews and follow-up work, you’ll also be guaranteed faster shutdown events and more uptime for your equipment. You’ll also get:

• Zero compromise on safety: Documented time-and-motion studies of your shutdowns help pinpoint potential hazards, while better planning and access to Metso-designed tools reduces onsite risks and keeps your team safe.

• Increased production: Higher uptime, more effective crushing and grinding through optimization of your wear parts, and continuous support from a process specialist ensures you maximize your productivity rate over the life of the wear components.

• Lowest sustainable cost: By extending the life of wear parts and reducing lost production, you can be sure that your costs will be minimized over the life of the contract.

• Improved reliability: Scheduled inspections, coupled with our maintenance expertise, help reduce the chances of unexpected shutdowns.

LCS for Mining Shutdown and Wear Parts Optimization Level 2 Brochure Download

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