Maximizes Shredder Efficiencies and Profitability


The Metso SDA is a smart control solution for Lindemann™ shredders. It permanently
monitors and controls relevant processes to optimize constant throughput.


Higher Outcomes--The SDA controls start-stop, speed and lifting of the feed roller to optimize the feeding
for constant throughput.

• Constant throughput at high level
• Better utilization of the shredder capacity
• Reduction of expensive current peaks
• Reduced standstills due to overfill

Supports Shredder Operator--Assists shredder operator by freeing from routine operations, allowing operator to focus on critical aspects.

• Avoid capacity drops due to fatigue
• Operator focus shifts to a supervisory function, monitoring the chute and interacting in case of difficult material feeds that cannot properly be processed

Efficient--Contact us today to calculate your savings!

• Maximize the utilization of the installed shredder plant
• Customers using the SDA have experienced double-digit efficiency improvements.
• Plug-and-Play upgrades for most Lindemann™ shredders
• Lower cost per tons due to reduced wear

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