Training aligned for the operator


This training provides a first detailed understanding of the operation of the plant including simple maintenance. The training consists of theoretical and practical lessons at the machine on site.


Main topics include:

  • Safety specific aspects like emergency shutdown devices, specifics of the repair mode as well as necessary health and safety measures for maintenance and repairs at the machine
  • Explanation of machine function at operation terminal and, if existing, remote control
  • Detailed explanation of all menus and submenus with each function at the operation terminal
  • Explanation of the periodic inspections and maintenance
  • Explanation of the appropriate operation, usage and settings for the most efficient and machine-friendly use of the machine
  • Tour around the machine and explanation of all parts and components with their functions
1 - 3 days depending on your specific equipment including theoretical class room training and practical exercises (main emphasis on practical exercises). Training sessions can be tailored according to customer needs.
Target group
Operators, customers maintenance technicians (mechanical and electric), Technical directors.
A group with 3 - 6 participants is recommended.
Training language
English, German, other languages on demand.

Further information from, phone: +49 (0)211 2105 253

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