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This training provides a detailed understanding of the shredder plant including the dedusting system. Detailed explanations in the class room and at the machine on site gives an insight into the function of the plant, its cleaning, maintenance and adjustment.
The participants learn to understand the functional process of the plant and to do maintenance measures such as change of wear plates, hammers, caps etc. and to inspect and maintain the dedusting system and its components including the adjustment of the dedusting system according to different infeed material.

The training consists of a theoretical class room part and a practical part at the machine on site.


  • Function and principles of the dedusting system
  • Flowchart diagram and explanation
    • Dedusting system for Metso Lindemann Zerdirator plants
    • Recirculation dedusting
  • Components of the plant
    • Fans
    • Air sifter
    • Cyclone and rotary feeder
    • Pipes
    • Wet scrubber (Venturi)
    • Water treatment
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
    • Periodic inspections
    • Change of wear parts
  • Adjustments

Each participant will get a diploma and training material in English language

3 days including theoretical class room training and practical exercises. Training sessions can be tailored according to customer needs.
Target group
Customers maintenance technicians (mechanical, electric), Engineers, Technical directors.
A group with 6-8 participants is recommended.
Training language
English, German, other languages on demand.

Further information from, phone: +49 (0)211 2105 253

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