Training target


This training provides you with a good overview on how to operate and maintain Texas Shredder equipment in the most safe and efficient way. The five-day training is a combination of class room training and hands-on exercises.


Example of a training agenda (can be tailored acc. to your wishes):

Day 1: Classroom - Introduction to Shredding Plant Process

  • Safety
  • Shredding Principals
  • Shredder Maintenance
    • Hydraulics
    • Mechanical Equipment
    • Cooling Systems

Day 2: Classroom - Drive Motor Principals

  • Controls and HMI Equipment

Day 3: Hands On Training – Maintenance Procedures

  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanical (Rotor, Castings, and downstream)
  • Drive Motor and Drive train
  • Controls

Day 4: Hands On Training - Operations

  • Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Operator Controls
  • Ground Operations
  • Communications with crew

Day 5: Summary

5 days including theoretical class room training and practical exercises
Training sessions can be tailored according to customer needs.
Target group
Operators and maintenance technicians of Texas Shredder equipment. A group with 3-6 participants is recommended.
Training language

Further information please contact or +1 210-202-7180

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