One of a kind lining with outstanding performance for years


The Orebed lining system consists of a series of powerful permanent magnets embedded within a matrix of highly abrasion-resistant rubber. Magnetic force ensures that the lining attracts the ferromagnetic material in the mill load, forming a continuous, self renewing wear layer with a wave profile. As a result, there is very little wear on the lining itself.

The configuration and installation of the entire lining is as simple as it could be. The embedded magnets hold the liner in place, so liner replacement is very easy.


  • 40 years experience of designing Orebed magnetic mill linings makes it possible for us to offer you the most optimized solution
  • Rapid installation of the Orebed mill lining and no maintenance, since no bolts are needed and the attractive forces are so strong that it stays in place with constant performance for years
  • The thin Orebed mill liner makes the grinding process more efficient and can increase throughput as a result of a greater mill working diameter

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