Never risk your production, select the original Poly-Met mill liner


With our liners you get access to the latest technology on the market and our design and material selection is based on experience from thousands of real-world cases. Metso is the world's only supplier of genuine Poly-Met mill liners.

The Poly-Met concept combines the most desirable properties of rubber and steel to maximum advantage. This combination allows the use of more resistant alloys of iron and steel than can be used in a conventional metallic liner, as the rubber substantially dampens the impact forces.


  • Metso patented the Poly-Met liner in 1987 and our liners are designed and produced based on the world's largest bank of know-how and experience. As a result, they last longer and your mill availability increases
  • Design improvements - we work closely with you and if your operating conditions change, we make sure your liners match your current and future process needs
  • Fast and safe installation - scheduled maintenance stoppages and long service intervals due to long life, lightweight components, high quality and optimized mill liner installation systems and methods
  • We are here for you when you need us - Skega Poly-Met mill liners are produced locally close to our customers and we have a worldwide service network

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