The world's most widely-used rubber mill liners


Metso rubber mill liners are tailor-made and developed in close collaboration with our customers. By using our rubber liners, your working environment can be significantly improved. The rubber components are light-weight which make them safe and easy to handle. Moreover, mill noise levels are reduced, as rubber acts as a vibration damper and noise filter.

Metso has developed wear and impact resistant rubber compounds to address specific operating conditions in all types of mills. Each compound is based on our experience in thousands of real-world applications.


  • The market's most comprehensive experience in developing rubber mill liners has given us an unparalleled bank of know-how. We can therefore offer you superior designs that guarantee peak grinding and liner performance
  • The long, predictable life of our light-weight components, combined with fast and safe installation using optimized methods, allow for shorter, more accurately scheduled stoppages
  • Metso rubber mill liners are produced locally, close to our customers. Transportation times can be kept short, which can be crucial for you if urgent supplies are needed
  • The most extensive services hub network in the industry - support is close when you need us

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