More than 30 years of metallic mill lining experience


Metso metallic mill linings are produced at our own foundries with very strict quality controls. Our Cr-Mo steel and high-chromium white iron alloys are specifically developed for mill lining applications and are carefully selected based on the operating conditions of each application.

Our steel linings are designed for maximum performance and minimized replacement time, ensuring peak capacity of your grinding circuit.


  • Long experience of alloy and design selection for any mill application means we can offer the most optimum metallic lining for your operating conditions
  • Tailor-made design using High Fidelity Simulations (HFS) for optimum performance and mill utilization
  • High quality standards involve precise dimensions and close tolerances, so that every steel mill lining from Metso has a perfect fit
  • Fast and safe installation - scheduled maintenance stoppages and long service intervals due to long life, high quality and optimized mill lining installation systems and methods
  • Support is close when you need us - we have the most extensive services hub network in the industry

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