Metso OEM liners – designed to maximize performance


There are two types of stirred media mills: Vertimills and Stirred Media Detritors. In a stirred media mill, the mill body is static and the charge motion is created by an agitator such as a rotating spiral or impeller.

We provide both original body liners and spiral/impeller liners designed as a system for each of the mill sizes in Metso’s extensive range of stirred media mills. Our product range includes all the consumables in your mill e.g. body liners, screw liners, impeller arms, retaining screens and attachment hardware.


  • Mill performance and guarantees are calculated based on use of our OEM liners
  • Liners designed for maximized efficiency in fine to ultra fine grinding applications
  • Metso’s liner materials are developed to maximize service life, we use exactly the right material in the right place
  • Metso original liners are specially designed to fit your mill
  • Easy installation and replacement of the liners is one of our most important design criteria
  • Our global supply network ensures parts availability

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