Improve your crusher's productivity by up to 30%


Our new generation upgrades can make the big difference for your crusher by optimizing its productivity and making it safer. Our upgrades are offered in easy to implement packages including all the instructions needed to allow your maintenance crew to do the job. However, our field service team is also ready to support you as needed, providing supervision or executing the complete upgrade. Depending on your crusher model, we can offer an optimal solution to fit your needs:

Upgrades for Symons™ cone crushers

  • Advanced bowl adjustment control
  • Hydraulic motor bowl adjustment system
  • Hydraulic tramp release and clearing system


Upgrades for Nordberg™ cone crushers

  • Jack screw locking nut
  • Top mount clamp cylinder
  • Heavy duty head
  • MP1250 retrofit kit
  • Head maintenance stand


Upgrades for Superior™ gyratory crushers

  • Super spider
  • Arched spider
  • Hydraulic shell separators
  • Dual balance cylinder



  • Ease of maintenance with a focus on safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved productivity

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