Optimized blast flow through the entire process


Blasting is the first stage of comminution in most mining and should not be seen solely as a means of reducing rock size enough to load it on a truck. 

Optimizing blast fragmentation to improve comminution efficiency

The Run-of-Mine (ROM) size distribution has a large impact on the performance of downstream crushing and grinding processes.

The in-situ ore properties, drill blast pattern, and properties of the explosive govern the size distribution of rocks produced from a blast and the energy efficiency of the blast. We use our tailored blast fragmentation model and unique SmartTagTM ore tracking system to assess the optimum blast conditions required for each particular ore type. The aim is to produce a consistent ROM size distribution that will maximize the throughput and efficiency of comminution in the subsequent crushing and grinding operations.

Wall control blast design and damage control

Efficient wall control blast designs should achieve safe and stable slopes while obtaining the required fragmentation. The goal of wall control blasting is to make the transition from well-fragmented rock within the blast to an undamaged slope in as short a distance as possible. Wall control blasting is a process of continuous improvement using near-field vibration measurements and modelling.


  • Optimum blast designs for both improved fragmentation and wall stability
  • Determination of the best wall-control blasting technique at different sections of the pit
  • Access to Metso experts who use knowledge gained from hundreds of mines globally
  • Unique Metso SmartTagTM solution for ore tracking

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