Mining process optimization

Metso experts are dedicated to improving the performance of your entire operation – from mine to plant. Our holistic process integration and optimization solution uses our technical knowledge, experienced people and specialized tools to maximize profitability with minimal capital expenditure.

How to maximize end-to-end production efficiency?

Mining operations include a series of interrelated activities, such as geology, mining and processing, which are commonly managed and optimized in isolation. Although individual activities are optimized, the overall process is not.

In many mines, there is significant potential for production improvements, cost savings and reduced environmental impact by taking a holistic approach to optimization.

Integrate and optimize your entire operation

Metso's process integration and optimization solution helps you integrate and optimize your entire operation. The result is a more efficient process that delivers increased production and reduced cost per ton. We achieve this goal by optimizing each process within the context of the whole operation to develop integrated operating and control strategies from the mine to the plant.

We tailor each solution to meet your specific goals and the characteristics of each unique mine. Our scope can vary from optimizing the entire process to a more focused study on a particular area. In delivering the solution, we build on our team's extensive and specialized expertise, market-validated modeling and simulation tools, our laboratory and pilot plant facilities, and our unique products like SmartTagTM that help us better understand the dynamics of your processes. We work extensively and very closely with operations, commonly spending 30 – 50% of our time onsite.

Projects typically involve four steps which allow us to customize the solution to your needs, identify opportunities, deliver results and then sustain the benefits.

  • Scoping study – We collect historical data and information to identify problems, process bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. We use this to produce our project proposal.
  • Benchmarking and optimization – We collect operational data through comprehensive surveys of the key processes. Mathematical models are developed based on ore characterization data, comprehensive benchmarking and our team's extensive experience. These are then used to identify strategies to optimize the entire process for different ore types.
  • Validation and implementation – We build a detailed plan to implement the strategies that have merit based on mine and plant constraints and a cost/benefit analysis. Key performance indicators are measured to quantify improvements and fine tune recommendations.
  • Sustaining the benefits – The recommended process changes are incorporated into managerial and site operating procedures. Operators and engineers are trained to ensure that the benefits are sustained over time. 

Better overall process efficiency delivers increased profitability

Our solution helps improve overall efficiency and asset utilization, resulting in increased production, lower overall costs per ton and reduced environmental impact.


more production


less energy


more recovery



Get results with Metso process integration and optimization

Our team of highly motivated and specialized engineers – mining, metallurgical, chemical and software/electrical – have a strong research background and extensive mining and metallurgical plant production and consulting experience. We look forward to assisting you in achieving a step change in the profitability of your operation.

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