Identify hidden issues and find their root cause


In most plants, there are hidden problems that are degrading production efficiency and costing money. These problems can range from controls in manual mode to incorrectly operating control valves.

PlantTriage continually monitors your plant to identify issues whenever they occur. It then prioritizes the information based on technical and economic factors. PlantTriage helps to find the root cause of issues, and provides a complete set of analysis tools, so you can dig in deeper and solve the problem at its cause.  PlantTriage also includes integrated loop tuning, instrument, and valve analysis, so you can choose the best parameters to optimize your process.

Award winning PlantTriage was developed by a team with hundreds of years worth of controls experience so no matter how inexperienced your operations and maintenance team, they have access to world-class expertise. 


  • 24x7 control process monitoring
  • Increased production
  • Energy savings
  • Improved quality
  • Stable process
  • More efficient and effective maintenance
  • Faster plant startup after initial installation and major process changes
  • Quickly find the root cause of problems
  • 100 years of expert knowledge embedded

How PlantTriage helps you improve performance

Monitor - PlantTriage watches your processes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It identifies issues as they emerge in real time.

Prioritize - Quickly identifies loops with the most negative impact on process efficiency which, when corrected, provide the greatest efficiency gains.

Diagnose - Root cause finder looks at the interaction of controls across the whole process to help you to quickly identify the root cause of upsets to be identified.

Resolve - Using Active Model Capture Technology control loops can be tuned automatically to deliver optimum performance. The technology also allows control parameter changes to be simulated in advance so that the exact response profile you want can be chosen.

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