Beyond the pump: wet end technology to boost your performance


Metso's wet end conversion kits have been designed and built with a focus on uptime and overcoming persistent application challenges and failure points. The product will improve the overall performance of your slurry handling system contributing to increased uptime and lower operating costs.

  • Prolongs pump life significantly
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Simple two step impeller adjustment for total wear clearance without dismantling
  • Maintains optimum operating efficiency
  • Sizes range from 50 x 32 to 350 x 300mm



  • Wet end conversion kits overcome process challenges to support uptime and profitability
  • Long-lasting seal tightness prevents slurry from entering the bearing assembly
  • Single source supplier of slurry pumps, valves and hose systems lower operating costs and simplifies maintenance

Overcomes traditional slurry pump problems

Metso combines the latest materials, science and practical application expertise to yield high operating efficiencies and maximize plant availability. With our wet end conversion kit and shaft seal options customers can expect to prolong pump life and reduce maintenance costs.

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