The right spare parts for your shutdown or turnaround needs


Metso Service Container provides you with spare parts and tools for your shutdown or turnaround needs. This pre-planned selection of spare parts will be conveniently provided for you on-site, based on what you may need during a shutdown. When parts are used, you are charged for those items, but you are not charged for unused parts, making it a very cost-effective service.

By choosing Metso Service Container, you can be assured that you will be adequately prepared and not forget to order essential spare parts. Also, you save on excessive costs and lost time, which can result from last-minute or emergency purchases and unnecessary orders.

Metso Service Container is available in most locations and covers a wide range of Metso valve products and accessories. 


  • Saves on guesswork with clearly-marked correct spare parts at hand
  • Cost-effective, with no costs tied to unused parts
  • Minimizes the chance of expensive emergency purchases
  • Reduces risk of delays or rescheduling

Metso high quality service container

Metso service container ensures the correct spare parts and tools for a shutdown or turnaround.
  • Neles
  • Jamesbury

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