Control performance services

In a typical plant, many controls are not operating correctly, which can result in less stable production, higher raw material usage, increased energy consumption and lower yield. Metso’s Control performance services are designed to identify controls impacting performance and helps you return to optimal production.

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Hidden performance issues are costing you money

Although every plant manager aims to ensure that all controls are working effectively, it can be difficult to effectively monitor, spot issues and resolve them. The result is that plants can have 10-90% controls in manual, up to 30% of loops may have the wrong parameter settings, up to 85% may have sub-optimal parameter settings and up to 40% loops oscillating. The result can be tens of thousands or even millions in additional costs or lost revenue.

Even when tools such as Metso Expertune PlantTriage are successfully implemented, focus on optimizing controls can be lost over time as personnel are pulled to other tasks or staff is reorganized. The result is that plant performance can slip back to pre-optimization levels if there is not a viable solution in place to maintain optimization.

Increase production efficiency with Metso Control performance services

Metso’s Control performance services identifies incorrectly configured control loops, the root cause of these issues, and what related corrective action is recommended to optimize control performance. We identify control performance issues by analyzing the interaction between the control loop and the production process.

A range of analysis tools are used to identify either incorrect control configurations or underperforming process equipment. Based on the resulting information, Metso can then propose corrective actions and also manage the implementation of these activities. Our service is built on the award-winning Metso Expertune PlantTriage control optimization tool.

We sustain control performance over the life of our business solution agreement. So even though there may be personnel changes in you plant, shifting objectives and process changes, Metso will help ensure that your regulatory process controls will be working optimally.

Increase production efficiency, reduce raw material usage

Metso’s control performance solution helps get your controls working correctly and increases production stability to enable:

  • Improved production efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption and reduced raw material usage
  • Improved yield and production quality
  • Less wear on production equipment
  • Sustained performance

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Return on Investment


Reduction in process variability


Typical annual savings