Expertune PID Loop Optimizer

PID tuning, valve and instrument analysis software tool.
The fast, easy way to the right PID tuning. Eliminate guesswork and stabilize your plant quickly.
PID tuning tutorial
What is PID? Learn how PID controls work in real industrial control systems.


  • Fast and easy - no math required
  • Automated reporting tools
  • Gives you control over the tuning methods
  • Works with hundreds of industrial controllers
  • Gathers data via OPC and other methods
  • Diagnoses instrumentation and valve issues
  • Develops process models you can trust
  • Simplifies reporting using automated reporting tools
  • Predicts results with built-in simulator
  • Supports tuning for advanced regulatory loops, like cascade and split-range controllers. Gives you control over the tuning methods
  • Eliminates interactions between controllers



In many plants, process engineers are guessing PID tuning numbers. The outcome of guesswork is increased wear on valves, shortened valve life, poor control, and inconsistent results. When you eliminate the guesswork, proper tuning stabilizes the plant, improves the reliability of valves, and makes it easier to sleep at night.




  • Focus your efforts in the right place - instrument and valve issues are easily distinguished from tuning problems.
  • Tune with confidence – Accurate tuning parameters for the process response that you want
  • Reduce mistakes - no math required.  PID Loop Optimizer knows your controller, its algorithms and all the unit conversions.
  • Speed up your loop tuning activities, tuning many loops in one day.
  • You have total control over the tuning selection – whether you want fast response or slow ramping.
  • Tune specialized loops, like pH control, level controllers, cascade and more.


Standard version - Award-winning PID Tuning software connects to PLC systems and single loop controllers, gathers process model and calculates optimal PID tuning, specifically for your controller


Standard Plus & Advanced version -  Includes everything in the Standard version, plus analysis tools for cascade and feedforward loops, valve analysis, pH control linearizer, power spectrum analysis, and more. 


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