Optimize your spare parts inventory with Metso Device Management

Metso takes full responsibility of your valve repairs and associates spare part inventories. Device management solution helps you minimize spare parts inventory and free up spend while ensuring critical spare parts are on hand when needed.

Reduce stock value, improve stock availability

It is important that your spare parts inventory matches up correctly with the field devices (valves, pumps, controllers) which are most likely to disturb process availability or performance. Managing spare parts inventory can be a real challenge with years of inventory accumulation which is a poor match to the installed base.

Disorganized spare parts management systems can be costly in terms of write-offs from obsolete spare parts and voided warranties and also from additional storage costs and unnecessary capital being tied up in spare parts. However, by far the most significant cost can come from critical spare parts being unavailable and production needing to be stopped.

A good solution requires intricate knowledge of what is essential to have in stock, so that critical replacement parts are readily available for emergency repairs when needed without further stretching already strict maintenance budgets by holding excessive or wrong stock.

Spare Parts Inventory Management with Metso Device Management

Metso’ s device management solution begins with establishing an accurate picture of your installed base. Devices are then categorized according to criticality classes based on their impact on production, safety and the environment. With this information, Metso works with you to reduce stock value and optimize inventory by identifying critical devices to hold in stock, defining target inventory levels and long-term lifecycle plans for each field device.

The stocking of the devices is carried out as modular components instead of complete assemblies in order to increase stock item coverage while minimizing the components that have to be stored. The device management business solution’s strategy ensures that correct spare parts are available quickly.

Fixed response and delivery times reduce purchasing efforts and problems with long spare parts lead times. Returning valve assemblies are inspected and repaired back to the stock when ever financially feasible. Day-to-day inventory management at Metso’ s site continually optimizes stock and reduces the cost and storage burden on your business.

Reduced spend, reduced inventory and better spare parts availability

Metso’s device management business solution helps you optimally manage your plant field devices and spare parts inventory. The solution optimizes field device models used in the plant and the corresponding inventory so as to free up capital and reduce expenditure while ensuring critical spare parts are available when needed for critical maintenance.


Reduction in inventory


Reduction in spare parts purchase operations


First years' expenditure reduction


On time spare part delivery

Metso’s device management solution brings real results

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