Long life, low costs, peace of mind


Metso is industry leader in capping valves with decades of production and repair experience experience so you can be sure that your investment will be correctly and cost efficiently refurbished to give a long trouble free operating life.

The capping valve service includes the following:

  • Soft parts replaced
  • Inspection/replacement of bearings and tilting device springs
  • Seat and ball can be refurbished at factory (machining seat sealing surface and re-coating of the ball).
  • The seat radius will be re-machined to provide a perfect match to the re-coated ball to ensure digester pressure integrity and smoother operation.
  • Seat cavity and stem will be inspected to ensure that it meets the original specification.


  • Fixed refurbishment price – no unexpected costs after shipping
  • Original manufacturer refurbishment – assured correct repair procedures used for a long life
  • 12 months warranty for refurbished valves – “As new” peace of mind.
  • Improved safety - electrical or mechanical interlocking by preventing uncontrolled pressure discharge
  • Designed for long life - between major services Metso’s single seat design offers a spare seating surface accessible by turning the ball 180°

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