Industrial gas services

Challenge your valve maintenance costs with services for Industrial Gas processes

Maximize uptime while ensuring uninterrupted production

It is critical to avoid any interruption of gas supplies to customers and additionally increase the efficiency of the process to maximize productivity and profitability, while still minimizing maintenance costs. Reliable production is one of the fundamental parameters in fulfilling contractual responsibilities.

Finding the right way to ensure production reliability and efficiency through maintenance is not an easy task and several approaches with various results can be considered.

Input data such as installed base information, maintenance history and availability of spare parts are partially or not known when deciding on preventive maintenance actions. The establishment of efficient maintenance planning requires knowing the effect of each device on production in order to effectively focus on the most important ones and ensure availability of their spare parts. When the maintenance scope is defined, finding the right spare parts to buy and the right repair partner can be time consuming with the long term performance uncertain.

Maintenance planning based on device criticality

Services for Industrial Gas processes provide a global approach to develop optimized maintenance planning and ensure fast process recovery/short downtime.

The installed base is first analyzed in order to have an accurate view of the devices. With this information Metso can estimate the spare parts availability, available updates and any obsolete valves. Then a criticality study is conducted for each device to categorize them according to their impact on production, safety and the environment. Spare parts and the maintenance plan are then determined according criticality levels to ensure stock levels of necessary spare parts in case of urgent needs and customize the maintenance intervals and actions.

To know the valve condition on site, Metso uses device condition monitoring tools which give access to a range of information to determine if a device requires maintenance. They are a useful complement to focus and prioritize the maintenance on devices requiring actions and increase maintenance efficiency while lowering the risk of failure

Metso’s high quality repairs, paired with proper maintenance planning, help increase time between overhauls while maximizing the lifetime and availability of equipment.

Ensured process reliability and availability, safety and efficiency, with optimized valve maintenance actions

By having the right understanding of the installed base, the way valves are operating and their impact on production; these services offer the opportunity to build a maintenance plan that challenges maintenance and inventory costs by ensuring spare part availability and correct operation of the devices:

  • Optimized use of resources
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended runtime between shutdowns
  • Uninterrupted gas supply
  • Maximum availability